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📞 1 (833) 494-6537

Vinyl Tool Skins For Tools Identification

  • PREMIUM AUTOMOTIVE GRADE VINYL: Our Tool Skins are made of the highest quality laminated vinyl designed to stick to any tool in your tool chest.
  • APPLY TO ANY TOOL: Use Tool Skins to identify drill sets, Allen wrench sets, socket sets and many other tools in your tool kit. Individualize your tool boxes, tool pouch or tool backpack.
  • PREVENTS THEFT: Tool Skins are perfect tools for mechanics to keep others from making off with your mechanic tool set. Use in conjunction with a tool box organizer to easily recognize when your tools are missing.
  • APPLY TO CLEAN, DRY SURFACE: Thoroughly clean the crap off of our plumbing tools and use degreaser to remove all grease and residues from your ratcheting wrench set to get the best adhesion.